iEARN International Conference

Welcome to the 20th Annual iEARN International Conference and 17th Annual Youth Summit 2013 website. The annual Conference will be held in Doha – Qatar from July 1st to July 6th, 2013.

All are welcome!  We invite you to join hundreds of educators, students, administrators and partner organizations who come together annually from 50-70 countries at the iEARN Conference and Youth Summit to share how they are using technology to build global understanding and enhance teaching and learning! 

Theme of Conference

The theme of the conference will focus on the use of technologies in education to reach out, learn and build a better world together.

The conference will cover topics such as environment, cultural diversity and the use of Information and Communication Technologies in the classroom. Educators and students will be able to attend plenary sessions, deliver or attend a variety of workshops to further develop their knowledge and skills, share experiences, discover innovative ways to use ICTs, and connect with their peers across the world.

iEARN International

iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) is a non-profit organization made up of over 30,000 schools and youth organizations in more than 130 countries. iEARN empowers teachers and young people to work together online using the Internet and other new communications technologies. Over 2,000,000 students each day are engaged in collaborative project work worldwide.

Since 1988, iEARN has pioneered on-line school linkages to enable students to engage in meaningful educational projects with peers in their countries and around the world.

ROTA & iEARN-Qatar

Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) is the official representative of the iEARN program in Qatar. iEARN-Qatar provides opportunities for students and teachers to collaborate through the network with other iEARN communities around the world. Educators have the opportunity to join the ROTA Knowledge Network and benefit from professional development to further develop their professional skills and implement meaningful online projects supporting their teaching. Since its launch in 2008, the program has reached  99 schools, 411 teachers have been trained and 1,442 students have actively participated in projects.